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Instead of writing some little grocery list here, and some big life list there, and then keeping my list of things not to forget or stuff I’ve got to read in some other place, I have decided to create one big old master list with every single thing on it from Buy Decaf Coke (for Darrell: our compromise beverage) to Become Doctor and Save the World.

Things I have to buy, see, do, read, accomplish, remember, bring to fruition:

1.  Buy chicken.

2.  Find new chicken recipe because I cannot bear to eat roast chicken one more time.

3.  Find massage oil with a scent that will come off, I mean completely off, at night.

4.  Ask George to explain how the muscles of the hand work, i.e. how to keep other fingers strong after one finger is injured.

5.  Get college brochures for Darrell and try to get him to look at them.

6.  Lose 28 pounds.

7.  Throw out all elastic waist pants so I will not be comfortable in anything at this weight.

8.  Throw out all sugar in house.

9.  Call bank to make sure they do not bounce my mortgage payment again.

10.Check why that funky water is lying in the corner of my basement.

11.Fire Sharise.

12.Advertise for new facialist.

Okay, I’m exhausted and though I have one more thing I want to add to the list, I do not want to stop on number 13 and I will never have the energy to make it to 14.  To be continued.

13. Find Darrell.

14. Make sure Ms. Fallon is all right.

15. Make sure Darrell doesn’t get arrested.

16. Try not to act so weird at work and school and at my lesson with George that somebody guesses what’s wrong.

17. Talk to Cora about getting Darrell back.

18.Get Darrell back.

19.Get Darrell back.

20.Get Darrell back.